Saturday, December 19, 2015

Company Holidays

Being a forever employee, my experience with company holidays have grown, and they can be considered mini-TV drama episodes; they are scenes contributed by the different companies I've worked for. Mostly, the incidents are on the comedy side, but occasionally there are horrific parts.

Here are several incidents from the past, and I'll let you be the judge if it is funny or not. I'll add my short opinion about it.

1. On Drinking Alcohol - A few co-workers got wasted and acted out of character during the party. They became loud which was the complete opposite of their character in the office. My opinion: Buy your own booze and drink it at home.

2. On Bringing Dates - Two incidents. First, one co-worker brought a beautiful lady date. At the end of the party, his lady date left with someone else. Second, another co-worker brought a date who carried ziplock bags and took home food to-go. My opinion: Be sure your dates represent who you are as a person. Let's face the truth: People judge others, and they will definitely judge you.

3. On Eating Buffet Dinner - One ex-male-co-worker acted like he hadn't seen food for a month. He made multiple trips to the buffet table, and at the end, he made multiple trips to the bathroom. My opinion: Eat a meal for yourself and not for your whole department.

4. On Dancing - Everybody's excited to hit the dance floor. Of course, the booze helped loosening things up. Most of the time, everything got too loose. My opinion: Never mix alcohol and non-rhythm appropriate dance steps together. Oftentimes, the result is a disaster.

5. On What Clothes To Wear - It's a party, but it's supposed to be a professional company business attire. Seeing stripper doppelgangers was a bit shocking. My opinion: There's Google. Research a better wardrobe. Or, hire a wardrobe stylist for a day. It only happens once a year.

6. On What Shoes To Wear - Just like clothes, shoes can be a hit or miss, especially if they are platform high heels that make you taller than Andre The Giant (R.I.P.). Yes, there were ex-co-workers who wore those during holiday parties. They waddled to the buffet table and slowly snail-crawled to the dance floor. My opinion: Wear shoes that are comfortable. You'd have more fun in them. 

Well, that's all I've seen so far. Do you have anything to add?