Wednesday, November 25, 2015

And it started...

Have you ever imagined how your world would be if you were a different person? I asked myself that question several days ago, and it prompted me to start this blog. It's easy to write something when nobody knows who you are. However, for those who know you, they would understand you better.

Observing people is one of my favorite hobbies. Of course, observing myself is one of them, too. I'm not mentally challenged. I analyze things in my head. Oftentimes, it's too much. Writing it down helps me organize my thoughts. I want to write about everything floating in my brain, the non-scientific part.

My life is a bowl of mixed flavors. There's a part where it's sweet, and there's also that sour taste. It is better to blog about puzzles in preference of specific things, since there's pain associated in being guileless. This is probably why I'm currently friendlier with my pen and paper instead of having a person beside me, holding my hand, patting my back, and giving me words full of empathy. I'm being real to myself. Missives take away my fear of being judged while I pour my heart out. For me, I talk better on paper. In this case, I communicate better through blogging.

My isolation is connected with my depression. The company of friends is something I don't seek these past few weeks. I feel happier being alone. Television and books surround me more than friends. I stay away from the noise of friendly inquisitions. My fear of being invaded pops up and it makes me want to run and hide.

I've been running and hiding for quite some time. At least, this allows me to peek and breathe a little.



  1. I want to run and hide but obligations, even though I hate them and the person foisting them on me, keep me here. Things have to change. Not sure how, but they have to.

    1. Thanks for your comment, JoJo. Hope you soon find the opportunity for change. Happy Thanksgiving!


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